FEED USA Meets Target Launches Today!

I’m a Shopkicker. I LOVE the Shopkick app. It gives me free coffee from Starbucks. And well, need I say more? When I opened the app this morning and shuffled through I noticed the new lookbook for Target. FEED USA has come to Target!


photo 2

In Store Now!

photo 1

In Store Now!

This is just a small example of what is going on in the store. FEED USA has totes, men’s and women’s tees, reusable bags, bikes, mugs, toss pillows, throws, lunch bags, iPhone cases, and pans. I’m sure I missed something in that list (because there is a ton of things!) so check here: FEED USA: Target or FEED Projects main site: FEEDProjects.com for more on the entire collections FEED Projects has than just Target.

It’s a limited time collection for Target so get out there and buy something! Each item sold does this:

So what are you waiting for? FEED America and show your support!

I love this Gladiator style. I got these a few years back and have always kept them around. They are the flattest pair of shoes I own. Comfy too! Style made easy for me and it keeps coming back year after year.

Hair Appt Today!

Today I have my hair appointment. I love going to the salon and getting a cut and color and my hair washed. It feels awesome. it makes me feel renewed and pretty. For that day at least when someone else does my daily routine and styles my hair better than I can. I feel hot.

For my last hair appointment I decided to go a little current with all the hair color trends and get the ombre color done in the natural browns and blondes that I have already. Just adjusted a little more to show the style off. Someone I am able to relay what I’m looking to do with my hair and my hair stylist translates it. Magic happens people!

This was the photo inspiration from the last visit:


Jessica Biel…need I say more?

So going into my appointment today I will be keeping with this same color. Trying to grow out my hair still although with all the cute summer cuts I keep seeing it’s tempting to cut it short. But I will not cave!

Or will I?


Peek-A-Boot Socks

I must admit that I see a lot of fashion trends that I like. Do I get a chance to try them all? No. But there are at least two this winter/fall season that I have been dying to try out. Mainly because it incorporates something that I love dearly, warmth.

The fashion trend of Peek-A-Boot socks that are worn with your boots. *note this probably won’t work with Muck boots as they already have a pretty good suction to lock in the heat*

There are a ton of styles to choose from, a lot you can get from Etsy. Also, decide how and where you want to wear them. If you want to go girly with lace, warm with wool, or knitted for comfort, or designed with flare. They even have s shortened version (shown above) that doesn’t go as far down as the regular pairs do. It’s all about lessening the bulk around your feet if you’ve already got some heavy-duty socks, and adding to legs for warmth. Some pairs even go above the knee is a slouchy version.

Who didn’t love some leg warmers of the 80’s?

Flashdance circa 1983

Thanks Jennifer Beals.

Straight Hair

I’ve always had quirky hair. And until recently I had always thought it was just cow licks and weird. So I’ve always blown it dry when possible, if not pulled it into a ponytail and sometimes brought out the flat-iron. I’ve always wanted curly hair. Thought it’d be pretty cool, and easy.

I’m all about the ease with my style. Since I get up early and am always on the go, I want something that’s going to look nice but not take a lot of time. At my last hair appointment I pointed out a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like.


That Hollywood beach wave look with a medium length. So I asked if she could show me how to style it like that, and she did. Then she also mentioned that I already have hair that’s like that, I just have to play with it a little. After getting my hair done, I showed one of my best friends, Paige, and she said her daughter had the same hair, she just didn’t brush it out. I guess her hair stylist said not to. Put in some leave in conditioner and let it be.

So I tried it. And yah know what? I actually had curls. Bouncy curls! Hello beach wavy hair that took my almost 30 years to discover. This excited me. Before my 30th birthday I went to my stylist one last time and told her what I discovered to which she agreed to hate me for.

This time, she styled my hair accordingly so. Added a little curl enhancer and used a defuser. Curls all over! So now I just need to afford the defuser and some Redken curl enhancer and I’m solid. Without it, it gets a little frizzy. So for now I just have to stick with the flat-iron.


When I get my curl on again I’ll be sure to post a picture.



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